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About Me: Javier Trujillo 

Welcome to my website! I'm Javier Trujillo, a professional combat sports athlete, wildland firefighter, and Libertarian Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. With over a decade of experience fighting wildfires and holding titles such as Hotshot fire crew member and Engine Boss, I am dedicated to defending lives and property from the devastating destruction of fires.

In the world of combat sports, I have achieved remarkable success as a champion in various disciplines such as Mixed Martial Arts, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and Submission Grappling. I have honed my skills and proven my mettle in the ring, showcasing my passion and dedication to the martial arts.

As the Libertarian Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I am committed to promoting personal freedom, a true free market economy, and educating the youth on the importance of personal responsibility. I firmly believe that a free and well-informed citizen leads to a better-functioning society. By upholding personal freedoms and advocating for non-interventionist diplomacy and free trade policies, we can create a more peaceful and prosperous Nevada.

My journey from firefighting to becoming a martial arts sensation in Thailand is a testament to the power of determination and following one's passions. Through my blog, "The Ronin Diaries," I share my experiences and insights gained from years of training and competing in combat sports. I hope to inspire and guide aspiring fighters who wish to embark on a similar path.

Furthermore, I am passionate about promoting libertarian and anarcho-capitalist ideas, advocating for gun rights, and exploring the potential of 3D printing technology. On my website, you can engage in discussions with like-minded individuals who share these interests, including libertarians, anarchists, gun enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists.

Thank you for visiting my website. Together, let's embrace chaos as a catalyst for prosperity and freedom. Explore the site and join the conversation to discover a world of ideas and possibilities.


Bare Knuckle Boxing

MMA Champion

LPNV Political Figure

Grappling Champion


Javi Trujillo is committed to the mission statement of the LPN “To tirelessly and consistently defend the freedoms of Nevadans”. His goal this election is to educate and bring awareness to the different actions and policies we can enact to make Nevada one of the leading states in this country by reinstating a true free market economy that will bring abundance and prosperity back to the state. Educating our youth about the importance of personal responsibility.


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The Pale Horse


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